How to become a pilot?

A career of pilot is very much challenging and different from the conventional career. It involves long working hours, flying high with responsibility and professionalism amidst the risk of life and death. Hence when it comes to becoming a pilot, it has to be a well thought decision. Plus, you are supposed to suffice the list of several special requirements, which other careers would not demand from you. Well, let’s check the way you can become a pilot:

Check your eligibility requirements

First things first, you are supposed to check the eligibility requirements. For becoming commercial pilot, your age should be at least 18 years old and you should be comfortable in reading, speaking and understanding English language, and in case if you are willing to make career in this field you need to get the commercial pilot license, which can be received only after getting the private pilot license. For applying for this commercial license, you would require at least 250 hours of flying session and then only you get after cracking the exam for the same. 

The medical certificate 

As you know that flying high is a risky job, hence you are supposed to have par medical conditions of your body. For PPL you would be requiring a 3rd class medical certificate, while for commercial pilot license, you would need a 2nd class medical certificate. For this, you are supposed to keep your health and body into control rather than turning overweight or obese then only you would be able to pass on this particular medical test and thus become eligible to fly high over the sky. 

Crack the test, get license and start flying 

The moment you crack these tests, you are supposed to crack the written and practical exam, which you would cover while undergoing the commercial pilot training program. All your technicalities and flying training would be carried out only when you opt for a comprehensive personal or commercial pilot training program at a trustworthy school. Once you clear the same, you are all set to apply for the license. Now, you just have to apply for the jobs in order to become a commercial pilot in any airlines company.


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